The Legend of Melokaq Sabit

Here is a story of an old man from Senaru village who lived as a nomad. He meditated in a certain place in order to request that he will live forever. He offer heard a voice from the sky offering him all kinds of luxuries and status but the old man rejected everything except his wish to have everlasting life. Then a spirit took the old man to the summit of Mt. Rinjani and he was ordered to wait but what he waited for never came.

For many years the man waited, hanging onto the steep slope, and totally offers himself to god. Over a long time his body was wrapped by moss and due to the cold on Mt. Rinjani his body froze and then became stone. So that is how he became eternal. The stone is located around on kilometer before the summit

In clear weather the stone can be seen from Senaru village and Bayan village looking like a person sitting down with his arm rose up to hang onto the slope.  

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