What The local People Believe about Mt. Rinjani Hot spring

Aiq Kalak (hot spring) means hot water and it is used to cure various diseases. One of the host springs is named Pengkereman Jembangan which is meant a palace for dipping. The water which spurts out of the spring is very hot. Weapons such as Kris, swords, big knives, and lances are dipped in the spring to test their magic power. If the weapon becomes sticky it means that the weapon is bad and has no magical power. However if the weapon remain unchanged it means that the weapon has supernatural power and the power and the strength will be increased.

People also use the hot spring to make medicine from coconut cream. After dipping a bottle of coconut cream in the hot spring if the liquid becomes clear and oily it can be used as medicinal oil. Then the medicinal oil is used for good things and is called Siu Satus Tunggal or in Bayan language Siu Satunggla which means that it can be used to cure a thousand kinds of disease.

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